Weeds In The Flower Pot by Dianna Beamis Good


So proud to announce the publication of Weeds In The Flower Pot by Dianna Beamis Good!

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Have you ever wondered if other Christians have the same insecurities, doubt, loneness, hope, love, compassion and a need for connections like you do? Would you like to break the shackles of silence, scream to the tallest mountain that we are human and make mistakes – and it’s okay? Grab a few friends, make a pot of coffee or just sit alone with some words that may help you feel a little less alone with your weeds in the flowerpot of life.

Weeds in the Flower Pot is a guided devotional with journal pages to record your own thought and feelings

From Dianna—

Weeds in the Flower Pot is a book about life, everyone’s life. I am no expert on other’s thoughts, but I do believe we all share in the same insecurities, doubt, loneliness, hope, love, compassion and a need for connections.

I would love for us to be able to break the shackles of silence, scream to the tallest mountain that we are human and we make mistakes and it’s okay.

We should not be ashamed. I was told once by a very wise man, “You know, Dianna, there was only one perfect person that ever walked this Earth, and it wasn’t you”. Jesus Christ is our perfect example that we should try our best to imitate, but sometimes we just mess up.

I’m no Bible scholar, yet I know the Bible is filled with encouraging words of forgiveness and God’s understanding of our failures. In fact, he tells us not if we fail, but when we fail, He will be with us with a heart full of love. God throws our messes as far as the east is from the west.

God also says we will have trials and tribulations—translation—we will have weeds grow, die, and grow again in our beautiful flower-filled pot in our lives.

If we know all this and the Bible is quite clear about it, then why are we so reluctant to talk about our shortcomings and frustrations with this beautiful life God has given us? Is it perfect? No, thus the weeds. Is there beauty is this world? Yes, thus the flower pot.

I want us, through these pages of often random thoughts, to tackle the hard issues of life head on. You may read a page and say “huh?” and that’s okay. Read it again and think through the words again for what they may be saying about your life. Discuss it with a friend over coffee and see what they discovered. You may learn something that will amaze you and possibly comfort you.

Weeds in the Flower Pot was assembled from my journal of thoughts about life, family, aging and who I really am and what I am becoming. After sharing a few thoughts to a couple of friends, I realized I wasn’t alone with my weeds. My friends had a few of their own. So perhaps you can weed your beautiful pot with a friend or two, your spouse or a group of friends and see what you discover.

I pray these honest and raw feelings give you permission to write about your weeds and dig deeper for a closer understanding of yourself or someone you love and above all bring you nearer to the Heart of our Savior.

About Dianna—

Dianna Beamis Good is married with two grown children and four grandchildren. She is a member of the Northern Arizona Word Weavers. Her stories have appeared in Christmas Story Collection, A Time to Blossom, Spoken Moments, Stupid Moments, Chicken Soup for the Soul: Military Families, and Loving Moments.

Congratulations Dianna!!!

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