Writing Contests… What’s in it for you?


I’ve recently entered my very first writing contest—the Fall Writing Contest at The Write Practice. Why did I wait so long? I’m learning so much!


Writers can have a blind eye when it comes to their own work. They can see the mistakes in other’s works so clearly but view their own work as spun gold!


The story I entered has received invaluable critiquing and input from other writers in the contest to help make it a better read and while it can be difficult hearing “what’s wrong” with your story, when you take the advice of some of the critiquers, you learn form them and become a better writer.


What I’ve learned from this contest:

  • There are A LOT of talented writers out there with some superior stories, the competition is stiff and you need to put your best work forward.
  • Writers want to help other writers become better writers. When they ask questions and give suggestions about your writing, they’re not trying to be mean, they’re trying to help you improve your story.
  • No matter how much you think you know about writing or how good you think you are, you can always learn something!


Writing contests can help you:


  • Develop & strengthen skills
  • Write for a deadline
  • Gain invaluable feedback & perspective
  • Think & therefore Write outside the box
  • Build your resume and help in your quest finding an agent & getting published


If you can win or even place in a writing contest, that tells an agent/publisher you are a winning writer and worth taking a risk for.


I would encourage every writer to learn, learn, learn, practice, practice, practice and find contests to enter.


Your local library is a good resource and may sometimes have writing classes, groups to join and information about writing contests in your area.


Here are just a few contests found online: (If you know of great contests for writers to enter, please let us know in the comments.)


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10 Responses to Writing Contests… What’s in it for you?

  1. Burton Voss says:

    Be sure and post it when you win.

  2. Alice Klies says:

    I enter at least five a month. Most often they are theme based. Through this, I’ve gained a great experience about myself and when I pay a little extra for critique it is really rewarding. Chicken Soup For The Soul pays for essays accepted! They receive thousands of essays, so I’ve felt honored when one of my pieces has been chosen. Currently, I am in seven of their books! Anthologies are also a great way to sharpen your writing. I have seventeen on my shelves! I enter Writers Digest every year, Glimmer Train, Arizona Authors Asso.and Christian Writers of The West…Rattlers Contest and many more! Keeps me sharpening the old brain! Good luck!

  3. Watch out for this one in 2018 as well

  4. photojaq says:

    Great post! I’m experiencing the same things as you through The Write Practice fall contest. Good luck in all your endeavors!

  5. Ryan Van Cleave says:

    A free-to-enter one for high school students! Deadline Dec 1, 2017

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