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Celebrating 1 year of our 1st annual Christmas Story Collection!!! 


CHRISTMAS STORY COLLECTION Vol I by Little CAB Press is still AVAILABLE!!! click here to purchase  

Little CAB Press’s first collection of true accounts and fictional stories by talented authors!. This treasure—folks of all ages can enjoy—makes a perfect gift for neighbors, coworkers, teachers, family friends, extended family, etc.! Of course make sure you pick one up for yourself too!

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Here’s what you’ll find inside:

By Gail Kittleson
Spending Christmas far away from home can lead to unexpected insights. Take a homesick missionary, add one Senegalese tribesman, and create inspiration. Learn More About Gail-
By Connie Arcaro

A fun-filled day on the lake comes to a horrible end when an accident leaves Connie in chronic pain. After years of doctor’s visits and pain treatments she has given up hope of finding any relief for her pain. As Christmas approaches her loving husband asks her what gift she’d like to have most and of course she says, “New feet!” What happens next is in God’s hands…
By Ruth A. Douthitt

Christmas in Paris sounds romantic, doesn’t it? For two newlyweds separated by the military it was exactly that: A chance for a romantic honeymoon. The only issue would be my passport. I only had three weeks to meet by husband, but usually passports took six weeks.  If I don’t have that passport, I can’t go, I prayed. Please, Lord. Make this happen. Yeah, I know. People all over the world were praying to God for help in a time of war, or starvation, or government oppression and here I was praying to go to Paris at Christmas. Sigh. But we were married back in July, and didn’t have much money, so we really hadn’t had much of a honeymoon. Scott had left one week after the wedding to board the aircraft carrier. My boss at work was very understanding and gave me the time off even though I was a rather new employee. My coworkers were so supportive and gave me books on how to speak French. Of course my family was thrilled for us.  But I needed that passport. Every day after work I checked the mailbox of my apartment…every day for two weeks. Nothing. No passport, no Paris… Learn More About Ruth
By Alice Klies

Alice feels like her world is coming to an end when her husband gets transferred and she has to move her family to a new location just days before Christmas, but what she discovers when she gets there will forever change her perspective. Contact Alice
By Burton Voss

It may be his grandfather’s last Christmas and he deserves the very best present the teenager can afford.  Grandpa has always been the underpinning for Chris and his mom, and the right gift will show him how much he is loved and appreciated.  Chris has found just the right present … or was he led to it?
By Mabry and John Perry

It’s Christmas time in Texas in 1963. Cyrus’s father has just passed away leaving his mother with bills to pay, small children to feed and himself the “man of the house”. He swallows his pride as he accepts work from an uncle who is not only Catholic and married to a Hispanic woman, but also has a colored son. This doesn’t sit well with Cyrus’s fellow klan members and what he’s asked to do to prove his loyalty might be more than he can bear.
By Dianna Beamis Good

What was Christmas like for a seven-year-old girl in the late sixties? Her parents had little money for presents. How does she discover the true meaning of Christmas?
By Carol Farris

Growing up in a small village in rural Minnesota, and living next door to my grandparents both contributed to all of our Christmases being spectacular.  As I reminisced, it occurred to me that the actual Christmas presents were of little importance in my wonderful memories.
By Paulette Dubois

There’s a Saint Lucy bag in Grandmere’s house for someone, if she can find it…The treats in the bag, however, were less important than the hunt!
By Marchelle Rae Meyer Perry

Fostering the magic, mystery and memories of Christmas can be fascinating, fun and frustrating. Join me for some special family memories.
By Taia Joy Flake (Taia has also written & Illustrated the beautiful children’s book Miki The Reindeer Learns about Love)

All Grace wanted was a normal Christmas, but when you’ve grown up in a haunted mansion, Christmas is anything but ordinary. In the wake of her ruined Christmas party, Grace is told an old family secret that will change everything she thought she knew. Life in the mansion will never be the same. Learn More About Taia
By Carrington Bonner (Carrington has also written the Christmas novelette The Prayer)

When Elsie’s family meets with a tragic accident just before Christmas, Elsie decides she must do something to keep a promise made to a dearly departed loved one.
By A.P. Maddox

Caroline & Ashelynn’s older brother brings his fiancée—and her family—home for the holidays. As these two families meet for the first time a necklace is lost, someone is accused of theft, a puppy is found, snowball fights are had and someone gets kissed under the mistletoe. Stay tuned to this blog for more from A.P. Maddox
By Jim Oliveri

On Christmas Eve, 1964, a small group of U.S. Army advisors in Vietnam left the battlefield to assemble in the city of Quang Tri for a holiday celebration. They were determined to make this a Christmas to remember despite the war raging around them. It became the most poignant Yule observance that any of them had ever experienced. Learn More About Jim contact Jim
By Jeffrey B. Ward

Never in his wildest imagination could he have orchestrated a more bizarre but simultaneously glorious return home after almost 3 straight years overseas.  Worthy of a blurb in Reader’s Digest for sure. Learn More About Jeffrey Read Jeffrey’s book reviews

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