Days to be Thankful II


by Liz Hufford

Around the dinner table on Thanksgiving Day, we usually express our gratitude for the big things in life—good health, loving friends and family, and financial stability.  But day-to-day I often lapse into 30-second prayers of thanks for the privilege of witnessing God’s creations.


I cannot overcome my awe of the seed/bulb.  Whether a green onion rises from my desert garden or a narcissus crowns the spring ground in Flagstaff, I offer praise for this magic.

Field of beautiful white narcissuses soft backhround ** Note: Shallow depth of field


This spring I caught a glimpse of a coach whip snake with its beautiful red, braided tail.


I watched with fascination as a walking stick made its way across my yard, a mini-me of Tolkien’s Ents.


As a hummingbird stares me down, perhaps fascinated by its own image reflected in my eyeglasses, I am grateful for this close encounter and also for the lens that makes my observation possible.


I look up to super moons, meteor showers, and glorious sunsets.  A day for thankfulness is a good thing.  Days of thankfulness even better.


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