Christmas Story Collection Volume II by Little CAB Press


We’ve done it again!! A brand new Christmas anthology with all new stories for 2016! 12 stories over 168 pages to bring joy to the world this holiday season. We’ve also added a classic from O. Henry and Hans, with other extras sprinkled throughout! Lots of wonderful things to enjoy in Little CAB Press’s Christmas Story Collection Volume II


Here’s what’s inside—
The Gift of the Magi by O. Henry & The Little Match Girl by Hans Christian Andersen along with all new stories by brand new authors!


Christmas Baby by Carol Nugent
A whopping Minnesota blizzard couldn’t stop this Christmas baby from coming… some things are just meant to be!


My First Christmas Pageant by Cybele Sieradzki
A naive seven-year old girl first encounters the Christmas story as a participant in the traditional pageant at the local church. Selected for a unique role, the girl finds all of the proceedings mysterious yet, somehow, significant.


A Child’s Knowledge of Christmas by Delena Van Roekel
What little this girl knew about Christmas is soon vastly expanded when she receives the wondrous gift of… a book!


God is Faithful & Santa is Real by Alice Klies
Ten year old Louise is sure Santa isn’t real since she’s been praying for the same gift every year for the past 7 years and hasn’t received it yet. She offers up one more prayer before bed on Christmas Eve asking one more time for her very special Christmas wish to come true. During the night a strange noise awakens her… is she merely dreaming or has her Christmas wish finally come true?


Christmas Presents by Carol Nugent
Eight year old Carol has given up on ever getting anything other than socks and pajamas for Christmas. She tells Santa as much too when she sits on his lap at the movie theater in town—while waiting for the only Christmas treat she believes she’ll receive that year— getting to see a movie on a big screen for the first time ever. Santa was listening however and Carol and her siblings are treated with special gifts under the tree that year! Carol soon discovers however the true meaning of Christmas is not in the receiving but in the giving…


Christmas Program by Gayle Fraser
Not many three-year-olds will go on stage, after a rip roaring dance routine by her older peers, and speak into a microphone with a cuddly voice and speak the essence of the season.


The Best Present by Terry A. Green
All Davey wanted for Christmas was his dad to come home. After many heartbreaking disappointments he finally sees his dad again after four long years of war.


A Hero’s Words by Alice Klies
Alice faces her first Christmas after a devastating divorce and learns a valuable life lesson when her hero steps in and saves the day.


The Christmas House by Karen Carr
Jim Sansen is taking his family to a secluded B & B for Christmas so they can reconnect. Imagine their resentment towards their father/husband when a fateful blizzard redirects them to The Christmas House instead.


A Christmas Wish Come True by Alice Klies
Alice had gone her whole life wishing for just one thing. When an unlikely stranger she meets through a mutual friend asks Alice to give her son tennis lessons, the payment offered just might make that wish come true.


Merry Saves Christmas by Paulette Dubois
Merry’s mother is deathly ill and her father is never around… something must be done and Merry knows what she must do…


The Accidental Valentine by AP Maddox
A mischievous pup takes Valentine’s gifts from one person’s doorstep and inadvertently delivers them to another…


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