What Magic May Bring by Nora L. Taylor


Story #3 in Adventures in Fiction by Little CAB Press, the 2016 summer anthology!


When an unusual stranger arrives at the door of a lonely cottage, a widow and her daughter discover that the most important gift one may receive from another is hope. Though their hours together are brief, they will each soon learn that in this gift of life, the truest joys come in many forms of magic…

From the Editor: Nora L. Taylor takes us on a magical journey down a country lane of rolling hills and lush grass to the cottage door of a widow and her sweet young daughter. Pull a chair around the fire place, sip a cup of fresh milk and nibble a crust of bread as she spins a heartwarming tale of love, hope and magic!

More About Nora—

Nora L. Taylor has been writing poetry for many years, though mostly for family and close friends. Formerly a resident of the Phoenix area, she now resides in Dallas, where she continues her work on a fantasy trilogy for young adult readers.  When not writing, she enjoys cooking, traveling and spending time with family.  What Magic May Bring is her first published work.

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