The Navatec by Roy Voss

Story #2 in Adventures in Fiction by Little CAB Press, the 2016 summer anthology!


Does the so-called Montezuma Treasure exist? When a team of archeologists set out to document a little-known cliff dwelling on the sprawling Navajo Indian Reservation in Northern Arizona, the last thing they expected to find was clues to what happened to the fabulous treasure that the Aztec spirited away from the approaching Spanish invasion. But they were not the first to make this discovery, and now the race was on to recover the gold and silver artifacts before they are lost forever.

From the Editor: A brief jaunt back in time to when the Aztecs met Cortez begins this contemporary tale of treasure hunting, murder & intrigue.

More About Roy—

Roy Voss retired from a career of designing and building high-pressure pipelines. The work took him to five continents and once, in a thirty-day period, resulted in two trips around the world—one going east and the other west. What was once an obsession with golf has morphed into a love of writing. In addition to the self-published novel, PAYBACK, Roy has completed six other unpublished novels based on incidents from those travels. He now lives with his wife, Bobbi, in a country home just outside of Palestine, Texas.


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2 Responses to The Navatec by Roy Voss

  1. Greg Van Krugel says:

    I just ordered a copy of this little anthology mostly so I can read Roy’s “Navatec.”
    He has a knack for portraying unusual characters that are heroic, crazy, soulful complex or plumb stupid but always with wit and the instincts to make them mostly believable.
    I can’t wait to read “The Navatec.” Roy is sure to have done the ideas justice and kept a proper sense of history and geography while weaving a fun, probably exciting read.

    • LittleCABpress says:

      I completely agree Greg! After reading Payback and the first 3 chapters of The Navatec, I’m truly looking forward to “the rest of the story!” Roy is a true talent! He paints such a vivid picture the reader becomes immersed in his fictional world. We are truly grateful for his contributions!

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