The Cowboy & The Angel by Mark Enlow


The first story in Adventures in Fiction by Little CAB Press, the 2016 summer anthology!


The hot, blazing sun isn’t the only thing heating up this Western town. The outlaw Ripley Rider Gang is headed toward town and looking for trouble. The local sheriff found out and snuck out of town before sunrise. The town’s retired lawman, Henry and his two former deputies, Luke and Samuel try to set things right, one last time. Henry’s lifetime advisor thinks it’s a bad idea. We’ll soon see…

From the Editor: This wonderfully fun story will leave you wanting to pop an old western movie in the dvd or take a Sunday drive down to Tombstone in search of cowboy hats, dusty streets, wooden sidewalks and heroic lawmen!

More About Mark—

Mark Enlow is the author of another fictional story, The Unexpected, in Little Cab Press, 2016 Spring Anthology: A Time To Blossom. His completed science fiction adventure novel is currently being presented to literary agents for representation leading to its publication. Mark lives with his wife, Janet and their Cocker Spaniel, Casey Jones in Arizona. Mark can be reached at

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