Practice your writing skills this summer!

Practicing writing is like working out, the more you do it, the stronger you become!


What is Flash Fiction?

Stories written in 1,000 words or less and usually written quickly… in a flash!

Why Write Flash Fiction?

To practice and improve writing skills, (& for the fun of it!)

How To Write Flash Fiction?

Start at the climax, (give just a few sentences for build-up)

Limit your characters to 2-3

Who Can Write Flash Fiction?

Anyone between the ages of birth and death but ideally those who have learned to read and write

Choose A Scenario Below To Write About-

Write a Flash Fiction story (1,000 words or less) about one of the scenarios below, submit your story to us, *best stories will be featured on the blog!

Scenario #1:
Two people are swimming/sunbathing/walking/jogging along a beach/riverbank, one is pointing to something in the water.
-what do they see, what is happening?

Scenario #2:
Two people are exiting an elevator, one is holding a bouquet of flowers, the other has a card in an envelope.
-where are they going, what are the card and flowers for, do they know each other?

Scenario #3:
A person is asleep under a tree in a park. Another person approaches and wakes the first.
-Why is the first person asleep in a park, why is the other person waking them, do they know each other, is the first person a run-away, if so what are they running from/to?

Ready, Set, WRITE!!
Submit your stories to littlecabpress@aol.com, subject line: FLASH FICTION


*stories must not contain profanity, vulgarity or adult content. Featured stories will be subject to light editing. Writer retains copyright but must give Little CAB Press permission to use on blog. Stories will not be part of any paid inclusion. 

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