Mark Enlow shares his thoughts on writing inspiration…

Mark Enlow, author of The Unexpected in Little CAB Press’s Spring Anthology A TIME TO BLOSSOM shares his thoughts on writing inspiration!



What’s inspirational writing? Can you catch it? Keep it?

Maybe… Better write it down!



Ah! Inspired writing comes from outside yourself and from within your inner domain. Life’s experiences shower onto paper in the form of word raindrops that must be brushed into a picture.


Stephen King and Dean Koontz are just a couple of authors who inspire my imagination! Wait… I just had an idea for a story I must share with everyone! Better write it down! I hope later—all will enjoy reading it and come with me on a short vacation to a different realm. After all, this is why I write—to share those small escapes to a different world with others.


Now… where did I put that notebook? Uh oh…


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