Join Little CAB Press as we kick off the grand opening of our brand new imprint with a WRITING CONTEST!!!


1st Annual Little CAB Press Christmas Story Writing Contest (click here for future contests)

Visit official rules page  

Wanted: Fiction and non-fiction Christmas stories, (Hanukkah, New Year’s & Valentine’s stories are welcome too)

*Must be at least 14 & a U.S. Citizen to enter

We are looking for stories to both entertain and to inspire peace, love, charity and goodwill this Holiday Season!

Entries due October 10, 2015 (before midnight)

Winners announced November 7, 2015

Winning entries will be published in a soft cover anthology (collection of stories) available to the public for purchase November 27, 2015. Winners will receive royalties based on sales of published anthology.

Non-fiction: narratives of true Christmas stories such as an extra special, wondrous, comical or miraculous Christmas

Fiction: Contemporary, Historical, Adventure, Fantasy, Mystery, poetry, etc.

Non-fiction narratives should be at least 750 words

Fiction entries should be at least 2,500 but no longer than 7,500 words 

*Entries can include romance but must not include sexual content, profanity or graphic language. Kissing is fine but if any entry includes sexual content, profanity or graphic language or any other content or wording which would give it an “adult-only content” type rating, the entry will be returned to the entrant with a request to revise, if the content in question is not removed, the entry will be returned again and the entrant will be dropped from the contest.

 Winning entries will be published in an anthology available to public for purchase. Winners must agree to give exclusive rights, meaning Little CAB Press gets to be the only one to publish these winning stories for the duration of the publication, after which time rights revert to the author to do with whatever they wish: republishing with another company, magazine, etc. Winners will receive royalties based on sales of the published work.

Visit our Contest Rules page for the official rules and information on how to enter.

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